Samurai Sword Buying Guide

Samurai swords are truly exceptional. These are the finest swords and are loved by the people across the globe. Although the exact origin of Samurai swords is Japanese but these are demanded not only in Japan but throughout the world. Initially these swords were used by the samurais of ancient and feudal Japan and later on its usage was seen in military operations. As far as the present time is concerned these swords are used for martial arts training, different forms of sword training, for performing arts, in cultural and stage shows etc. Buying a samurai sword is a matter of prestige. Whether you are a sword collector or involved in any kind of sword training, you must have a samurai sword. Here you will get some really useful information if you are thinking about buying a samurai sword.

Points to keep in mind before buying a samurai sword

  • The right source for buying a samurai sword

Always choose a trusted source for buying a samurai sword. There are many fake dealers in the marketplace who sell unauthentic samurai swords at really high prices. Stay away from fake sword smiths and dubious agencies. You can buy a genuine samurai sword from the online platform. There are many reputable companies that are selling really good samurai swords through the online platform. You just have to select the sword you like and place the order for the same. Easy facility is available for online payment and the entire transaction will be completed in a safe manner. The exact sword will reach your doorstep in perfect packaging and before the promised date and time.

  • The price factor

The price for different samurai swords is different. The rates are dependent on the features and the exact specifications of the sword. Thus, based on your budget as well as the specifications you want, you can select the right kind of sword. The rates mentioned on the online platform are genuine and comparatively less than what is charged by a sword dealer. You can compare the prices and then place the order for the most suitable sword.

  • The quality factor

The quality standards of samurai swords are completely unbeatable. As far as the quality parameters are concerned you won’t find a sword better than samurai sword. These are made from the finest quality steel and the heating process is very elaborate. It is ensured that all the impurities are removed from steel and the carbon concentration is different for different layers. The blade turns out to be really phenomenal and the cutting ability is absolutely brilliant. Once the steel blade is set then the right curvature is obtained and then the polishing and final detailing is done. Making a samurai sword requires a lot of patience, skills, hard work and the right technique. Thus, if you need an authentic samurai sword then always buy it from a credible source.

  • The specifications

Samurai swords are of different types. The most famous one is katana and it is distinct in appearance. It is curved and supports a single edged blade. It comes with a squared or circular guard and the long grip supports two hands at the same time. The other famous varieties apart from Katana are like Wakizashi, Uchigatana, Tachi, Odachi, Tanto, Shin Gunto etc. The specifications of each of these swords are different. Some are long, while some are short. Before buying a sword you should check specifications like its exact forging, mounting, the quality of steel blade, balance, length etc. Once you are satisfied with the specifications then only place the order for samurai sword of your choice.

  • Reasonable guarantee period

A genuine seller will always provide you with a reasonable guarantee period for the sword. It is an assurance that the sword you are purchasing is authentic. If any problem will be encountered during the guarantee period then you will always have an option to get the sword replaced. Thus always looks that whether the sword comes with a sufficient guarantee period or not.

  • Authentication certificate

Some genuine and reputable branded companies in the domain of samurai swords also provide an authentication certificate with the sword. It is a proof that the sword is a real samurai sword and is crafted by a trained sword smith. If you are getting an authentication certificate with the sword then it is always a better deal.

  • Option for customization

Sometimes for specified trainings you may need a customized kind of samurai sword. There are many sources that can provide you with the customized option. For getting a custom made samurai sword you have to tell about the exact specifications beforehand and give a reasonable time period to the seller, so that the sword can be made as per your request.

  • Accessories and offers

Many reputable sources sell samurai swords along with the accessories. Some of the common accessories are like a paired sword, cloth for covering the sword, its case, a finely crafted box for keeping the sword, display stand etc. Thus before buying a samurai sword you should check whether the seller is supplying the accessories or not, check out These accessories help in storing the sword in the right manner and it will be prevented from damages when not in use. Many online sellers provide amazing discounts and offers in relation to samurai swords. You must keep an eye on such promotional schemes to get a better deal.

Genuine advice

Once you have bought a samurai sword then devote some time to maintain it in the right manner. Polish, oil and powder it from time to time. It is an excellent way to avoid settlement of rust and by this process the sharpness of the blade will remain unaffected. Samurai sword is the best for close combat warfare and you can attack your opponents at lightning fast speed with the help of such swords. These swords are known in the entire world for their brilliant detailing and unparalleled craftsmanship. When you will become an owner of samurai sword then it is guaranteed that you will feel extremely proud. It is a great possession and you will instantly fall in love with it.

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